GLA was formed in August 1989 specifically to assist developers and public agencies in the arid Southwest in the processing of "wetland" permits.  Glenn Lukos, founder of GLA, has worked in wetland regulation since 1979, only two years after the first wetland regulations were implemented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). 

GLA has a staff of 21 professionals (Regulatory Specialists, Habitat Restoration Specialists, Biologists, and GIS specialists) and four clerical staff devoted to assisting developers and public agencies through the permitting process generated by state and federal environmental laws and regulations. 

We specialize in "wetland" and other water-related permitting, waters delineation, habitat restoration design, mitigation implementation, biological surveys, endangered species coordination, and mitigation/construction monitoring,.  We assist clients through the maze of regulations associated with federal and state permits, and through technical studies required for CEQA and NEPA compliance. We have the largest number of staff of any firm in California (and perhaps the country) dedicated to “wetland” permitting and biological resources.

GLA is frequently asked to provide regulatory analysis, case studies, and comments on proposed legislation and regulation.  These requests have most recently come from various developer groups, the Federal General Accounting Office, the offices of several congressmen, and a number of major public clients.

Historically, our area of work extends from the Mexican border on the south; Elko, Nevada on the north; Arizona on the east; and the Republic of Palau on the west.  The majority of our work is within Southern California in the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego.  We have worked on projects as little as one acre in size to projects over 40,000 acres in size. Contact us at (949) 837 -0404


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